Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Gem Sweater Be Thy Name

Liz wasn't around this past weekend for my actual bday, so she got me a ticket to go see Leslie & the Lys for Monday night. I was so excited, since i had met Leslie (aka Gem Sweater Lady) back in Burlington a couple years ago during the Art Hop. She had driven from Iowa in a RV named the Mobile Museum of Gem Sweaters, full of bedazzled, shining sweaters. If any of you have looked on our fridge in the past 2 yrs, there is an excellent pic of Ash, AB & I posing with this fabulous character.
Leslie's definition of a Gem Sweater: "A Gem Sweater is a knitted or crocheted pullover which has been decorated and embellished with one or more of the following; gems, rhinestones, beats, studs, jewels, or pearls. A Gem Sweater is not a cardigan or decorated with the following; puffy paint, buttons, embroidery, ribbon, iron on transfer or metallic thread." Read more here to find out the history and knowledge behind the Gem Sweater.
Having met Leslie, we didn't think it could get any better than her vast array of adorned knits. But oh did it ever... We then found out that not only was a fashionista, she was also a rap artist. That's right, Leslie & the Lys, bustin' out some beats. Unfortunately I was unable to see these ladies perform in B-town and have been trying to catch them ever since.
So back to present day... Liz had gotten me a ticket and then Jen got one too, so it was gonna be girls night out, yeow! I got home and realized that the show started at 9 and there were 2 openers. Oh shit i thought, how am I gonna stay awake!?! I was like ok, stop being a granny and just have some Sparx and keep yourself occupied. After talking to the girls and realizing that my concerns of the show starting past my bedtime were legitimate and that we are actually getting old, i got up and headed out the door at 10pm. (in regular clothes, not pjs) This was a Monday mind you and I thought for sure that it was going to just be a small crowd. Nope, not the case at all. The place was packed. I got there in time to catch the last couple songs by this PDX group called The FleshTones. Pretty great, with sick homemade costumes and elaborate dance moves, i was impressed. During the break Liz & I slithered our way into some ok standing room only to find out that Jen was outside, but had forgotten her ID. She was heading home and probably not coming back, since she was feeling old and tired too. Next thing we know she's standing behind us. She was convinced that the bouncer overheard her say that she was "too old for this shit" and felt bad and let her in.
For the next hour we rocked and laughed our asses off to Leslie & the Lys. She's a volumptuous lady, who does everything in her power to make herself look as unattractive as possible. There's an abundance of gold lame being displayed on her pleasantly plump bod. Along with a giant hairsprayed 'do that i would have died for in 8th grade. She looks like a dance recital gone terribly wrong and we loved every minute of it. You've got to check out "Blame the Bootie" it was my fave song of the night. If you have the chance, definitely go check them out it's so worth it. And thanks to my 2 aging ladies for giving me a great reason to stay up past 10 on a week night.
Keep it Gold.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Vintage Kitchen

I've had this idea in my head since i started thinking about wedding reception decor that I'd love to have each table with a unique vintage (50s/60s) tablecloth. My quest has proved to be quite expensive so far, with a decent, no stains or holes, tablecloth running at about $30- $125 a pop. I haven't started hunting at the endless supply of thrift stores Portland has to offer yet, so I'm hoping to find some better deals there. I did however find these great little gems for only $20 online...

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

October 4th it is...

Well, it's decided. We're gettin' hitched on October 4th, 2008 right here in Portland, Oregon.
Some people seem surprised that we're not having the wedding back east, but anyone who lives here knows exactly why we've chosen PDX. We just love it here so much and it really truly feels like home. There are so many of our friends and family that haven't been able to make it out here yet, and we really want everyone to see our life, our home and our city. Plus Mona's afraid to fly, so we can't have a wedding without the ring bearer...

Monday, March 3, 2008

Where else?

Where else can you go snowboarding in fresh powder, hiking in a lush green forest and bike riding thru downtown all in one weekend in February? PDX of course!
We've been living here for exactly 2 yrs today (happy anniversary Robb!) and I still can't get over the fact that we've been hiking and doing mild weather activities for the past 3 winters. Sunday night after getting back from a quick bike into downtown (i am SO out of bike shape) i was thinking that it doesn't get much better than this. the weather has been great the past couple of weeks, all the spring flowers are blooming and the trees are starting to bud. i can't help but think man i don't miss VT. or at least that part of it...
i'm glad this weather is starting warm up a bit and spring is around the corner. i'm hoping to start riding my bike to work to get back in shape & save some money on gas. $50 to fill my tank, wtf!?!!? oli, wanna join me?