Friday, January 9, 2009

Evan B. Harris

Robb, Devin, Nicole & I saw this exhibit at Compound this summer at 1st Thursday. I immediately fell in love with his work. The whole nautical theme... anchors, mermaids, tattoos, sailors, whales. Right up my alley. Such an amazing painter/illustrator, not to mention born & raised in Oregon. He has popped up on my radar a couple times since then. Once at a deep SE restaurant on Foster (i'm blanking on the name) & now at a exhibit at the Mark Woolley Gallery where he has collaborated with another local artist, Amy Ruppel.
Here are some that i would love to own:
You can find him here, here and here.

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elissa said...

I love this guy!! I recognize his work from the restaurant, Cava, in my neighborhood. I was wonder who the artist was!