Monday, October 12, 2009


It's been a while! As you might have noticed, I took a little break this summer... Sorry to leave you all suspended, but I am back and with lots of great bloggy ideas so get ready!!

My first post back will be dedicated to one of my biggest (and only) fans ;) Who kept on my ass to get back on this little blog o'mine. So Portland Sunshine... this one is for you!

How sweet are these little cards by Darling Clementine!
via Oh Happy Day


It's Always Sunny in Portland said...

welcome back at last. as president, i will now re-instate the bermuda triangulated fan club. keep the posts coming. oui, je t'aime these notecards.

now for requests...please do a post capturing a walk around your hood - i want to see all the hip hangouts, darling houses, and rad playgrounds...merci. xo

radsnowgirl said...

I'm right there with Always Sunny :) It's good to see you back!! These cards made me smile when I saw them, adorable!