Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Week 21

Just finished up the 5th month and feeling great. Lots of family in town for the past month has been so fun for the little guy. We'll be sad to see them go. Especially Mo...


*Sorry for all the baby related posts lately. It's all I think & feel. Literally.


It's Always Sunny in Portland said...

you knew i'd love these pictures so much. cannot wait to give it a little rub. you look amazing.


Stacie & Brent said...

Mia-Congrats!!! You look gorgeous :) pregnancy suits you! Enjoy as much sleep now as possible!
Love, Brent, Stacie and Quinn

rough around the edges said...

No keep em coming! I love the baby posts. Its like what I probably will look like one day since we're about the same size:) haha.
much love.

Lady Bird said...

what a great series I am due in a week and wish I had something as sweet as this to look back on!