Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Countdown

for anyone that knows me well, they know that around December 8th i start "the countdown". i've done this since i could speak and every year it never fails. on December 8th i would announce to my Mom, Dad and anyone interested that it was 3 months until my birthday. This would reoccur on January 8th (2 months till my birthday!!!), February 8th (1 month till my birthday!!!!) and then after that it'd be 3, weeks, 2 weeks, 1 week and finally down to the days. i just love birthdays. not just mine, everyone's. i love giving birthday gifts, throwing birthday parties, the singing, all of it, especially if there is a surprise involved.
so for some reason this year, the countdown didn't happen. it snuck up on me. not sure if it was the move or my back or what but the other day robb & i were hiking and i had the realization that the countdown had never began this year...
i'm not the type of person who is focused on age or getting old. but i guess this does kinda feel like a big one. even more reason to get excited about it i suppose...
so this one goes out to my mom & robb:
*photo taken at the best surprise party i've ever had

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thesmallviking said...

too bad you like surprises.