Monday, March 30, 2009

Kiki Smith

Jenn was in town visiting this weekend and the 3 of us took a trip to the Portland Art Museum. This is one of my favorite parts of PDX. We just re-newed our membership for the 2nd year and I plan on taking many more trips than last year. There is something about me and museums, I feel so good in them. Just wandering the vast rooms of art and finding something new every time I'm there that I can't stop thinking about. Or in this case revisiting something that I've seen before and fall even more in love with.
That's how I feel about the permanent piece of Kiki Smith's that is there. My mom first introduced me to her work at one of our trips to the museum and everytime I see it I become more drawn to it. If you're in Portland it's definitely worth checking out.

Other favorites:


elissa said...

You have officially inspired me to pay the museum a long overdue visit!

It's Always Sunny in Portland said...

lovely lovely. hope the weekend with jenn was fab. xoxo