Wednesday, November 25, 2009

bootie trap

I've been on the hunt for some little granny ankle boots for sometime. Searching high and low on etsy and ebay for the perfect vintage pair. No luck :(
So then I found these hotties:
It's really hard to turn down a pair of Jeffrey Campbells, especially when they're this great. They fit great, they looked great, they even smelled great. But the price tag wasn't so great. So I told my favorite shoe guy at Nordies "I'd think about it". (for whatever reason I can't ever tell them "no" there, I don't want to hurt their feelings)

So I came to grips with the fact that maybe there just wasn't the perfect pair of little pixie, granny, ankle booties for me in this world.

Then came along these bad boys:

exactly what i've been looking for and only 20 bones!
thanks Etsy!

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