Thursday, November 19, 2009

Viva La Glam

Robb & I are deep into Mad Men right now. That's all that's been in our netflix queue as of late. (except for this little gem that should be arriving tomorrow)
It has really sparked my love for red lips and nails. Growing up one of the things I remember about my grandmother was her bright red lips and long red fingernails. She seemed so glamorous to me. Now I'm not one to shy away from nail polish of any color, but I have to admit I never thought red lips would look good on me. I always admired other women for rocking the red, but I was too scared I'd look like a clown or a hooker. But then all the red lips in Mad Men were so sexy, I just had to give it a try and guess what? It's not nearly as scary (or scary looking) as I thought! It took a bit to find the right shade(s) but I've got a couple that I love. 1. Mac- Viva la Glam 2. Revlon- Matte Lipstick, Strawberry Suede

Penelope does red right

the one and only Joan Halloway

let's face it, she looks good with anything

the Mac spokeslady herself

good 'ol Gwyneth

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