Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Sleepover in Hood River

In honor of all our wonderful presidents and a free Monday off, Robb and I went to Hood River on Sunday night. We stayed at the Hood River Hotel right on Oak St. in downtown Hood River. It's on the National Historic Register and is just so charming. Our room had a great view of the river and the hotel is within walking distance of all the sweet shops & restaurants. We did some wine tasting at the Pines winery right off Oak St. and had an amazing dinner at the 3 Rivers Grill that overlooked the Columbia River. It was such perfect weather this past weekend in Oregon and on the way back we jumped over to Washington and drove along that side of river on the way home. If you haven't made that drive yet, it's a must. Such spectacular views of Mt. Hood and the river. 14 is a straight shot into the 'Couv.

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It's Always Sunny in Portland said...

Wow Mimi, this sounds like a really special trip. Did anything else blog-worthy happen while you were at dinner? xo