Monday, April 14, 2008

5k Here I Come!

Ok, today starts my official 5k training. I'm doing the Mount Tabor Doggie Challenge on June 14th, to benefit the Oregon Humane Society.

I know 3.2 miles is no big whoop, but I haven't been on a regular running schedule in a while. I'm starting off slow and easing into it. I always seem to go too far the 1st time I start running again and end up TOO sore to run for the next week.

Plus it's a good way to get in shape before the wedding and get outside everyday with Mona. Oh yeah by the way, she'll be running it with me!
Anyone care to join us?

I'm also going to try to hit up the Doggie Dash on May 10th down on the waterfront if anyone is interested:
Totally for fun, 2 mile walk/run with your dog or just yo'self.

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