Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Engagement & STDs

So last weekend 3 of my great girlfriends here in Portland threw us the greatest engagement party! There was amazing wine, cheese, snacks & friends. The house looked so great and our favorite part was they had gotten a ton of great photos of Robb & I and printed them out in black and white and framed them all over the house. I hope we get to snag some of those from them, cuz I'd love them for our walls. It was so much fun celebrating our engagement with some of our great friends that will be at the wedding as well. For all you out-of-towners, you were definitely missed!
We also sent out our STDs last week (Save the Dates, i know it sounds so wrong), which our lovely friend Jen has been so kind to design for us. We picked these photobooth photos of us that have been hanging out on our fridge since last summer. They are some of our favorite pix of us and everyone else seems to really like them too. Jen set those up with some great colors and text and here's how they came out...

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