Thursday, April 17, 2008

Save Darfur

Robb & I have had 3 Netflix dvds on top of our TV since probably xmas. For some reason, none of them have been very appealing to us to watch. I'm not sure why... 2 documentaries which both sound great and A Clockwork Orange, which we've both seen and love. After watching one of the documentaries last night I can't believe we waited this long.
"The Devil Came on Horseback" is about the ongoing genocide that is happening in Darfur. Sure I had heard about the situation and had heard celebrities and politicians speak out about saving Darfur, but I was completely unaware of the amount of atrocities and magnitude of the situation over there.
Since 2003 over 450, 000 people (this number was astonishing to me) have been killed, 2.5 -3 million are displaced, and 3.5 depend on food aid. I can't even comprehend this. Sudan's Arab government and Janajweed militia are attacking these black African citizens solely because of their ethnicity and tribal affliation. They are burning villages and people, raping women, killing small children, for what? These people are of no threat to them, they can barely survive to begin with.
And what are we doing about it? What is America, our government doing? NOTHING. We're wasting our time in Iraq fighting a war for no reason. We're sitting here watching this happen, when we were told this would never happen again. After the genocide in Rwanda in 1994, our government promised us that nothing like that would ever be allowed to go on again. Well, here we are again...
And SO many people are unaware of it. Why? Because the media only focuses on the "War on Terror" apparently that's the only thing important going on in this world.
Sorry to sound so bitter, but I find it so disappointing that we have so many resources that could be utilized to help end this disaster in Sudan, but yet no one is stepping up to the plate.
It is however encouraging to hear that our own state has made efforts to stop what is happening. In 2005, the state of Oregon sold $35 million in holdings it had invested in four oil companies that work in Sudan. This sort of action needs to continue. There are bills that have been passed, the Darfur Accountability and Divestment Act, the Genocide Accountability Act and the Sudan Accountability and Divestment Act. Now all we need is for our president to implement these acts. Go here to send him a message about how important this is. There is also a divestment guide to help you find out if your investments help fund the genocide in Darfur.
Here are some ways to act locally:
the movie:

This needs to stop now.

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