Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Not in My House.

We went to probably what will be our last Blazers game of the season last night. :( I wasn't sure if B. Roy was going to be playing because of his injured groin and I knew Przybilla was definitely out since he shattered his hand last game. 2 star players, wasn't lookin good. But they were playing the Lakers, so we knew it'd be a good game either way. To be honest, we were expecting our team to get slaughtered (sorry guys!).
Not the case AT ALL. The Blazers killed it last night!!! Roy was on his game, scoring 23 points leading them to a 112-103 victory over the team that's ranked #4. I was shocked, at one point we were up 18 points. I kept calming myself down though, i've seen what can happen in the 4th quarter and i knew there was a chance things could get ugly. It never did, we stayed ahead the whole fourth quarter and played one of the best games i've ever seen. Yeah Rip City!

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